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Stop Using E904 Shellac Wax On Fruit!

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A lot of the fruit and veg on the shelves at your local supermarket are not vegan or vegetarian friendly... Shocking, I know, to find out that your plant based diet cannot include fruit because it's coated with shellac!

Many vegetables and all fruits produce their own waxy coating. This natural plant wax, inhibits mould growth; slows down the natural degradation of the fruit; reduces the loss of moisture; and provides a physical barrier that protects the fruit from some microorganisms.

This natural wax is often wholly or partially removed once harvested fruits and vegetables have been washed. The plants' own wax is often replaced by shellac (E904) which is a resin secreted by the female lac bug. However there are plant derived alternatives, such as carnauba wax, and some supermarkets stock unwaxed fruits but they are hard to come across.

As a vegan, I personally feel that all animal products are unnecessary. But not being able to eat plants whilst having a strictly plant based diet is completely silly! So I'm asking all supermarkets to switch over to plant based waxes/unwaxed, to label the ingredients of the coating on the fruit (if any), and to start labelling their fruit as non-vegan/suitable for vegans.

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