Sell ''Ugly'' Vegetables & Fruits Cheaper

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Coming from Third world country where even a rotten Vegetable is cleaned and used for cooking I personally found the idea of 'Beautiful Looking' concept quite supervificial. Given that Veges & Fruits are chopped before being consumed what difference would it make if the size was crooked or they had been sticking together. 

Ask a person struggling to feed their family would they rather have ''ugly'' looking items in basket rather then shinny looking fruits & veges they could not afford!

It would also encourage more healthy eating amongst public in general who consider it being expensive

Many Farmers are struggling to match the cheap rates supermakets demand with large volume business they are getting cut out hence out of business too!

Lets join force in brining major supermarkets to table with option of cheaper section with ugly looking Veges & Fruits rather then binning them not only they make some profits (Business Interest) also they contribute to global warming cause by reduction of wastage. 

Even French have caught on this trend!


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