Pay out Martin Craddock's Pension

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A few months ago my brother Martin was told that he had less than 3 months to live due to an aggressive melanoma cancer. It was devastating news. Martin had previously worked at Tesco's for 9 years as a General Assistant and had some comfort knowing his family would receive his pension.

But instead of mourning our brother, my family is now fighting with Tesco to get his pension.

When Martin was diagnosed immediately applied to cash in his pension fund to pay for the inevitable costs of his illness. He filled out a Serious Ill Health form which would have given him a lump sum total of approximately £9000.

As the weeks went by, his health continued to deteriorate -- there was no reply from Tesco of the Ill Health claim so we assumed it had just gone through and were waiting for the payout.  We kept them updated as to his deteriorating condition by sending them copies of medical reports but still heard nothing back from Tesco.

Tragically Martin passed away on 20th February. When we notified Tesco and highlighted that these funds were needed for the funeral costs to which over 250 people attended, they responded with a generic letter stating: ‘when Martin Craddock worked for Tesco he was in the Tesco pension scheme. You will receive a payment of £2471.’ Martin was paid £6500 less than the amount due and there was no acknowledgment at all of his Serious Ill Health claim.

After 6 letters and 12 phone calls the response given was that Tesco had sent a form to Martin’s GP without notifying him. In all the time he was trying to find out what Tesco needed they ignored him when he could have chased his doctor to respond to Tesco’s requests.

I know it devastated Martin’s former colleagues when he passed away -- so many Tesco employees came to the funeral. But this kind of loyalty and dedication seems to mean nothing to the company.

This isn't just for Martin but for any other families at such a difficult time being stuck not being able to pay funeral expenses. We’re being made to fight futile bureaucratic nonsense when we are supposed to be grieving and coming to terms with losing our loved one.

Martin deserves more than this from the employer he to whom he dedicated 9 years of his life.

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