Leave Bramley Alone. You are not needed or welcome.

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Leave Bramley Alone. You are not needed or welcome.

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Chris Braid started this petition to Tesco and

Dear residents and customers,


As some of you will already be aware, Tesco have made an offer to buy Robertsons Electrical in Bramley High Street, Surrey, with the intention of turning the premises into a Tesco Express store. There was an article in last weeks Surrey Advertiser announcing the plans. Also some, but certainly not all residents in Bramley received a Tesco leaflet through their door on Saturday morning.

The leaflet can be seen here...

Or you can request the leaflet by emailing

I need your vote to make Tesco realise that are neither needed or welcome in Bramley. As the owner of Bramley's Apple, working opposite the proposed Tesco site, and someone who will be directly affected by the proposed Tesco Express store, I have been elected by the other shop-keepers in Bramley to act as chairman for the 'No to Tesco' campaign.

Whilst I have selfish, and hopefully understandable concerns about my future in the village, I also have grave concerns about the future of the other shop-keepers in Bramley, the residents and our village as a whole, should the proposed plans go ahead.

Here's what we know so far...

If Tesco are serious about this, they will need to apply for permission to build a loading bay outside the existing Robertsons store. Currently, these spaces are for public parking. This will involve either narrowing the pavement or the road.

According to the distributed Tesco leaflet, Tesco are trying to double the size of the existing Robertsons store, making use of the space behind the shop.
The Tesco leaflet also highlighted putting in four car parking spaces, accessible via the narrow alley to the left of the Robertsons store. This alley is only wide enough for one car. I have heard from a source that Tesco want to put in a traffic light system to allow cars in and out of the car park.

I don't assume that all my customers or the wider public are against these plans or Tesco, some of you may be impartial or undecided about your views. However, I would also ask that you think about how a Tesco Express would dramatically change the landscape and feel of our village.

How will Bramley cope with the increased demand for parking spaces? The current lack of parking spaces is already a huge issue with customers and residents. How will Bramley cope with MORE delivery vehicles? I'm sure all of you have seen the chaos caused by just one delivery vehicle/lorry parked on Bramley High Street. How will the increased traffic/delivery vehicles affect the school and commuter run in the mornings and evenings?
How will a Tesco Express in Bramley affect noise and vehicle pollution?
What will a Tesco Express do to the fantastic variety of shops Bramley already has at it's disposal?

I have been in Bramley for over 4 years now, and the village has changed almost beyond recognition in this time. I have just had my best ever summer and the arrival of the butchers, fish and chip shop, specialist running shop and women's clothes shop have been brilliant additions to the high street. There has been a renewed sense of optimism and excitement about what the future holds for our unique village.

Tesco don't care about the shop keepers or the general wellbeing of Bramley village. They are only interested in money and they'll tread on anyone to get it. First to go will be the local supermarket and what does that mean for the Post Office? The village is already well catered for with 2 supermarkets and several independent stores.

Thanks for your time. Please help us save Bramley. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions that could help our campaign, please let us know. We can't do this alone!

Christian Braid

Bramley's Apple High Street

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This petition had 1,169 supporters