Stop Daniel Cleaves from preying on innocent women.

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Daniel Cleaves is a violent, dangerous predator, and for years has assaulted, raped, stalked and terrorized countless women and Transsexuals across the Washington Metropolitan location. He is HIV positive and is deliberately infecting his victims with the virus.

Somehow, this monster always walks away a free man. Shortly after being freed, quickly finds new victims. He stalks them aggressively and threatens horrible acts of violence when he gets rejected by them. He often has blamed his actions on PTSD. He has impersonated police officers on multiple occasions, using this to find his new victims or obtain information as to where they live.

He has a very lengthy criminal record showing his repeated acts of violence. He has been known to drug his victims. He is known to stalk bars for most of his victims, but has begun to pick others at random. Normally at gas stations and convenience stores. I offer caution for females, children to be cautious of this man if you are visiting these places.

Daniel Cleaves was back in court in Henrico county on August 3rd, 2016. The victim did file charges which were a direct violation of his federal probation. His 7 year prison sentence, previously given to him, was to be imposed. Finally, his victims got justice and a slight peace of mind.

Not for long. Yet again, this monster has been set free! He is mentally unstable. Despite her charges, and the account of what he did to her, he was not sent back to jail!

Why are we waiting for him to kill someone? How many more victims must he rack up before something is done to stop his reign of terror? We are fed up. We are tired of being afraid of this man. Enough is enough. We demand something be done to protect us from this sexual predator.

How many more stories do we have to read before something is done?

How many more lives will be ruined, as this man sleeps with women on purpose with the full intent of spreading HIV and changing their lives forever?