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Reinstate Virginia's concealed carry reciprocity with the states that AG Herring cancelled

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As an organization built to protect the rights of the citizens of this great nation, we believe this to be a horrible decision to cut ties with other friendly states. Not only will this drive away fellow travelers and tourists but it could potentially turn them into unknowing criminals. This also forces some Virginians to turn to Utah, Florida, ect for non-resident permits if they wish to travel freely and armed. Mr. Herring has made multiple excuses on why he has made this decree but has failed to explain that this does nothing at all since we are an "open carry" state. One does not need permission to carry a firearm openly in Virginia so in turn this does nothing but create tension with our once friendly states. Mr. Herring also claimed the states that are listed are extremely lax when handing out the CHPs for their state and that drug dealers and fugitives were eligible. Not once did he provide any proof but only make blanket statements. In Virginia it takes nothing more than money and time to obtain this government permission slip to hide your self-defense tool from plain sight, nothing more. In closing Mr. Herring's accusations are completely false and preposterous claims against other states and their judicial system. This new order does nothing but require traveling citizens to either risk becoming a criminal, pay more money to other states to obtain more permission slips, or travel unarmed and risk their life and the life of anyone traveling with them. III% United Patriots of Virginia

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