Start an investigation on the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

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The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility has been accused of mistreating prisoners. They have been accused of shutting the prisoner's water off for over 14 hours, pepper spraying inmates, and refusing medical treatment to inmates. As well as grouping healthy prisoners with prisoners infected with Coronavirus. They frequently tell the prisoners they are all going to get the virus and die here. They are doing nothing to protect the health of these inmates. Prisoners have reported their food being spat in. The COs supposedly have Nazi flags hanging up in the facility. Prisoners have also reported that the staff will refer to them with racial slurs. As well as just verbal abuse in general. On one instance a CO told an inmate to hang himself. Probably the most disturbing allegation is that the staff is reporting deaths caused by coronavirus and other causes as "suicides".  These prisoners have called highway patrol to get an investigation, and they have gotten nothing. Please help me get an investigation on this facility started. These inmates deserve better, their lives matter. We need to stop this cruel and unusual punishment. This is unconstitutional, this place needs to be shut down.