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Free Tracey Richter

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Through out the history of the human race, injustice and corruption has been common place, yet when we see a person convicted of a crime or even just on trial, we usually assume they are guilty. In America, we have been raised with an ideal that this place is very different than the rest of the world, where good will always conquer evil. Yet we have plethora of examples where this beacon of freedom has turned its back on justice. The west Memphis Three (Paradise lost), Randall Dale Adams (The thin blue line), and Kenny Waters (conviction) are just a few very well known examples of recent corruption and injustice. Still most of us choose to ignore these problems in America and the world.

The vast majority of us believe that if you do what is right and have the truth on your side, that no matter what, justice will prevail. I also held this belief. Unfortunately this is not how the world works, not even the United States of America. Sometimes the agendas of few overcome justice that many have sacrificed to uphold.

On December 13th 2001, Two men broke into our home in Early Iowa with the intent to kill my Mother, Tracey Richter, and I. After they strangled her with Pantyhose, I tried to protect my Brother and Sister in my room. My mom regained consciousness, after a struggle she was able to get to the gun safe and shot one of the intruders to death. The other intruder was never found by the police, even though the mother of the deceased identified Jeremy Collins as a Prime Suspect. Since they were having an affair and he skipped town shortly after the House invasion. My mother was never charged with any crime until Ten years later, after a new young ambitious, and in my opinion Corrupt, District Attorney came to power in Sac County Iowa. Because of false testimonies, Incompetent and lazy police work, and the agenda of a wreckless District Attorney, the lower courts in Iowa convicted my Mother of premeditated First Degree Murder.

This cause is dedicated to the truth and the journey to obtain justice for my Mother, Tracey Richter. Please sign this petition to the governor, the Attorney General, and Supreme Court of Iowa to spur awareness of this tragedy of justice, so that my mother can be released or, at the very least, be given a new trial.

Thank you for your time

Bert Richter

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

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