Illinois DUI laws involving death need severe punishment. It is murder to kill another

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Our 18 year old daughter was killed on June 11, 2017 by a drugged uninsured driver . She was wearing her seatbelt & driving the speed limit on I57 while going for ice cream on a Sunday afternoon. 

He failed to control his vehicle due to his high rate of speed , fighting with a passenger and being under the influence . Instead of braking anytime after he went off the road , his continued high speed caused his vehicle to become airborne .  

He smashed into the drivers side post of my daughters Jeep , causing skull fracture , brain hemorrhage & instant death .  He murdered our daughter & used his car as a weapon.

  I will never see my daughter again. I will never hug her again or get to see her beautiful smile . She will never get to obtain her teaching degree or get married or be a mother. She will never attend another mass again. 

Emma was a 4.0 Deans list student on academic scholarship at SIUE.  She was very organized & structured. She loved learning. She was an active member of her sorority and our church . She held her faith close & she lived her faith wholeheartedly.

Our family unit is an extremely close one. Emma loved her Mom and Dad & Sister SO much, as we do her . She had amazing friendships & she loved & appreciated them all, with all of her heart . She loved her life & was so excited about her future that she deserved to have. 

A dui offense that involves a death should be treated as the murder that it is .

Please help me petition to change Illinois' current lenient dui laws involving death.

Your child's life could depend on it .