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The Terms of Service Fairness Project

Most online user agreements are stacked in favor of the corporation, and not in favor of the individual user. And if you want to use the service, you simply have to click "I agree", even though you are probably agreeing to terms that are completely unfair to you, the individual user.  And yet, users can't do anything about it. 

Well... until now.

TOSfairness (www.tosfairness.org) is a not-for-profit collective of volunteer attorneys and netizens focused on corporate transparency in murky 'click' agreements on the web, on phones, on games, and online. 

We read and rate every agreement we possibly can based on our online user bill of rights, and score each one publicly, for all the world to see. 

The more people who use and come to rely on the Terms of Service Fairness Project, the more likely companies will start to rewrite their agreements to be more fair.

Consider this:

  • Did you know that many companies force you to give up your intellectual property to use their services, take ownership of anything you send to them, and that the 'non-exclusive' licenses they receive from you are totally stacked against you?  Not so fair.
  • Did you know that many companies forbid you from filing a lawsuit against them, and force you into arbitration, and then, limit your damages to $100, and if you do want to arbitrate, you have to travel to the country and city of their headquarters?  Not so fair, particularly if you live across the globe.  Oh, and many forbid you from talking to the media if you do get into a dispute with them.  Why?  To prevent their misdeeds from getting noticed by the public.  NOT COOL.
  • Did you know that many companies can kick you off or censor you for no reason whatsoever, have zero objective and fair-to-all criteria for making these decisions, and offer you no opportunity to appeal?  Not so fair.

This list goes on and on. 

Our bill of rights addresses all of these issues and more, and simply asks companies to treat their users with respect, courtesy, and due process.  That's what your signature on this petition means.  You are simply asking that companies create terms of service agreements and privacy policies that are fair, i.e. USER FOCUSED, and not company focused, and that abide by the Terms of Service Fairness Project bill of rights.  And why should they?  Because without us, the users, there would be no company.

And yet, far too many companies take us all for granted, with 50-page terms of service agreements, privacy policies that contradict the terms of service, and some of the most outrageous terms you never knew you were signing.  Just visit our website and start reading the reviews on the Top Ten Daily Unfair on the homepage and you'll see how poorly most of these companies think of you!

But wait just a minute!  Just because we have no room to negotiate when signing these online click agreements, that doesn't mean we should be forced to sign terms that are egregiously unfair!  Right?  Right!

The Terms of Service Fairness Project wants to stick up for YOU.

If you agree, please sign this petition, and send it to your friends.  And before you again click "I agree", come to our website and read our reviews.  "You will be surprised" is an understatement.

Finally, please continue to spread the word. The more people who know to come to www.TOSfairness.org prior to clicking "I agree", the better off the world will be!  Please send them the link to this petition!

Thank you!
Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME
Attorney at Law
Founder, The Terms of Service Fairness Project
-a 501(c)(3) subsidiary project of Break Diving, Inc.

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