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Termination of two dog breeders from Hillsborough County's Animal Advisory Committee

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Whether done for profit or hobby, there is no such thing as responsible breeding (of even one dog), as long as thousands of healthy and adoptable dogs are being killed at our county's shelter, due to a lack of homes. 

Yet, Hillsborough County Commissioners Miller and Sharpe have decided it is appropriate for two dog breeders to sit on our Animal Advisory Committee... A committee who is appointed to reduce shelter intake rates, reduce euthanasia rates, improve adopton rates, and efficiently spend tax-payer dollars.

The consequences of breeding is clearly contrary to the goals of Hillsborough County Animal Services;  it does not benefit the shelter animals who need homes to save their lives, and it does not benefit the taxpayers of Hillsborough County.

Golden and Walker no more belong on such a board, than a furrier or seal hunter belongs on the board for an organization such as PETA or the Humane Society.

Walker and Golden's "breeding business" appears to be their top priorty.  They have a history of fighting proposed changes to the laws that might interfere with their breeding.... even if those changes would mean better protection/treatment of homeless pets. 

We must stand together to express our disapproval of this clear impropriety, and insist Golden and Walker be replaced with citizens who better meet the needs of our Animal Advisory Committee... People whose top priority is to save the lives of the thousands of homeless cats and dogs in our county -- to include promotion of spaying/neutering.

For those of you who are Hillsborough County residents, I implore you to remember this very important matter at election time -- including the names Sharpe and Miller -- then vote accordingly. The needy dogs and cats of our county are counting on us to protect them!

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