Terminate Jason Wood’s position as CEO and President of Actionable Insights

Terminate Jason Wood’s position as CEO and President of Actionable Insights

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Jason Wood is the president and CEO of a Florida based marketing firm, Actionable Insights. In a recent video posted by a bartender who also happens to be a woman of colour, Wood is seen going on an aggressive racial tyrade against her simply after refusing to follow the establishments mask policy. The woman politely asks him to leave the bar due to his aggressive manner. Wood confronts the woman threatening to ruin her life and take down her place of work before calling her a “dark haired sand ni**er”. Wood is then heard calling her “stupid like Saudi Arabians”.

Despite his claims to be “running the internet”, attention on this incident is gathering and Wood must be brought to justice as a result of his actions. An apology is simply not enough, men such as Wood will forever have racism engrained into them. Bringing him to justice is the first step in challenging such abusive behaviour. 

Update: 10/7/20 - Actionable Insights have removed access to their social media, website and contactable platforms. It is also rumoured Jason Wood owns Actionable Insights therefore challenging this petitions request to terminate his CEO contract. We cannot confirm if this is true or not, therefore the original intent of this petition remains as it was. However, Actionable Insights (AI) is powered through WordPress. As a digital marketing company, AI heavily relies on WordPress as a platform to operate their company. Therefore, we are further campaigning for WordPress to end their contract with Actionable Insights, thus condemning his behaviour. 

If you have any further information please email: sufyaan.niazi@btconnect.com

To read more about the incident and to watch the video click here

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