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Terminate Dr. Kristine Blankenship, Gaston County Animal Control

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On Monday 4/27/15 at 4:00PM a beautiful, healthy dog named Big Fluffy was murdered by Dr. Kristine Blankenship at Gaston County Animal Control in spite of the fact that a rescue group had committed to take him and a "Do not euthanize" hold had been placed on him.

A few days ago a rescue was 5 minutes late and they had already killed the dog they were to pick up. Another rescue had 4 dogs they wanted to pick up Friday but this person wouldn’t let them since they were going to be a little later than 4:00PM getting there. They killed them all.

Gaston Country Animal Control has had a long standing reputation of needlessly killing adoptable animals. Dr. Blankenship had promised the public that she would bring about positive changes for the animals and the community. “I think once all of the changes the county has already started to implement are consistently applied, the community’s opinion of the shelter is really going to change,” she said. “I think that’s already started, and I think we can make it stronger.”

According to Gaston County Police Chief James Buie, “A licensed and credible veterinarian brings a wealth of knowledge in the best practices for the care of our animals in Gaston County,” he wrote in an email. “In addition, we believe having Dr. Blankenship on our team will only enhance trust within our communities and our citizens.”

Dr. Blankenship just started her position on January 5, 2015 and already she has murdered several adoptable animals! This is completely unacceptable! We the good citizens, demand that she be fired immediately! There is NO legitimate or excusable reason why this innocent dog was killed! It is a mistake that cannot ever be taken back. We need, and demand, a vet that has compassion and love of animals, not a butcher! Continuing to kill adoptable animals will not be tolerated or accepted. There are shelters across the country that work with the prison systems with low risk offenders in a mutual effort. They have set up programs where dogs are trained to assist blind and/or handicapped people. There are programs where low risk offenders can participate in programs to groom or socialize dogs to make them more "adoptable". These are win/win options!

We need someone who is innovative and dedicated to finding alternate solutions to killing healthy and adoptable animals. We do NOT need a butcher who is just going to continue the killing.

I am going to urge all animal advocates across the state to unite and fight for Gaston County to deliver what they promised - a vet that cares about the welfare of innocent animals. We will not stop until Dr. Kristine Blankenship is terminated, and the broken system is repaired. NO MORE!

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