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Make Orange County, FL a Sanctuary County!

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We, the people, need to make Orange County a Sanctuary County—and fast.  Now that the anti-immigrant rhetoric is not just talk, but actual current events, we need to help people.  Yes, that means undocumented people too.

 I have personally known loved ones who have immigrated to, and even been recruited by, this country through all the proper, legal channels.  Through the many challenges of life in a new country (often without a support system) and the many faults of the immigration system, “legal” residents often become “illegal,” or simply undocumented.  Many Americans are unaware that much of the undocumented population has work permits and paychecks, which they pay taxes out of!  Yet they have no voice here--taxation without representation, anyone?

They are your neighbors.  They have families too; families who need them-- families who shouldn’t be ripped apart and families who do not deserve to live in fear.  Children are living in fear.  This is inhumane.  This is un-American.  I teach my children better than that.  I teach my children to love and include all people, to not "judge a book by its cover,” and to stand up for those who don’t have a voice.  I know all of Orange County does the same.  If you cannot see how the undocumented contribute to our society, meet one.  Learn more.  Have a conversation.  I can assure you, their hearts and minds have no accents.

I fear that if we don’t act now and declare our county a Sanctuary County, soon the undocumented will be afraid to deal with the police. They won’t make the call when they’ve been a victim of a crime or domestic violence, or if they’ve been witness to one. This will have a huge impact on the safety of our communities, not to mention our officers.

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise that he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from the country.  When pressed on how he would accomplish such absurdity, he stated he would build a "deportation force."  Right now, he's making record time attempting to fulfill all of those campaign promises.  We have to be ready to defend our neighbors.

"Anti-immigrant policies… separate families, they promote hate and racial profiling, and they attack a significant part of our workforce and economy." –Zoe Colon, Director of Florida and Southeast Operations, Hispanic Federation

So far, we have seven sanctuary counties in FL.  I know Orange County prides itself on its inclusiveness and diversity.  I’m sure, OCFL would like to join that list.  Let’s make this happen!

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