Tell Pueblo to demand maximum penalty for two men arrested in dog fighting bust

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Here are the facts of the story:

On February 1, 2018, police executed a search warrant on a property in Pueblo, Colorado which had been reported by the community for over a year to be housing an illegal dog fighting ring. On the property, police found treadmills, training videos, dog cages, and a blood-stained arena. 19 dogs (including shepherds, chows, pit bulls, and chihuahuas) have been taken into the Pueblo humane society bearing old and fresh scar wounds. Animal control officers and shelter staff are reporting to the media that the dogs exhibit signs of deep trauma. 

5 men have been arrested in connection with this ring: Jerry Grady (73), Armando Vigil (35), Anthony Lewis (56), Cory Cockerham (26), and Danny Hon (51). The latter three were arrested on outstanding warrants, but Grady and Vigil have been charged with felonies and could face a maximum 5 years in prison. A judge released them just days later on PR bonds.

Here is what we are asking:

We are asking the city of Pueblo to hold these dangerous men accountable for their actions and to send a message to all animal abusers that this kind of violent crime will not be answered with a slap on the wrist. These people have tortured innocent dogs- man's best friend- for entertainment. If that is not enough to motivate action, let us not forget one of the biggest predictors of violence against humans, and that is violence towards animals. These men have shown a dangerous disregard for the pain and suffering of others. They enjoy the show of inflicting it. 

Cities who debate banning entire breeds of dog deemed to be "vicious" ought to take a closer look a the humans who work to make them so. 

Grady and Vigil's release on PR bonds thus far has shown little hope in a true and just punishment. We are asking the city of Pueblo to find them guilty of animal cruelty and to sentence them to the maximum penalty of 5 years in prison.