Tuition Reimbursement for Tennessee State University Students 2019-2020

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Students attending Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN are facing issues with having basic needs met. For instance, power outages in several academic and public use facilities have been occurring off and on since late August 2019 to currently, October 2019 without a definitive fix. Students are lacking hot water, and some are being bussed to another dormitory in order to bathe and take care of personal hygiene concerns. Two of six dormitories are running on generators and have been off and on since late August. As we enter our third month of the Fall 2019 semester, the students believe that a tuition reimbursement would alleviate some of the stresses that have been endured. Just last month, the student body was notified that the power outage issues were fixed. Less than 30 days later, power is once again partial. College tuition is not cheap. When parents send their children off to college, they expect their educational needs to be met as well as basic needs. Hot water and electricity have been inconsistent & became a burden to these students and their parents. From cold showers to no air conditioning to throwing out refrigerated food and drinks due to unexpected, lengthy power outages, the students, parents, and alumni have had enough. We believe the students deserve to have this Fall 2019 semester discounted as a courtesy for the suffering they have had to endure. Temporary fixes are unacceptable and inexcusable as these families spend their hard earned money to send their children to school. Please sign this petition in support of our youth. They deserve better than this.