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Please Pardon Pitbull Prada

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A Nashville, TN. pitbull named Prada has had repeated trials, been deemed vicious and is sentenced to death by the judicial system.
We feel she has not been given a fair trial due to the existing anti-pitbull status of Metro Animal control, where ALL pitbulls are euthanized for their breed, regardless of their temperament. We also feel her judgement has been based on bias and untrue testimony.
According to the Honorable Judge, Nashville law does not allow sentencing options between giving the said dog back to her owner, Nicole Andree, and the death sentence of euthanasia.
We are asking Governor Haslam to please halt the death sentence of Prada Andree and allow the Judge to seek other alternatives for rehabilitation.  The said owner's parents have agreed to take Prada as well as a rescue group, if the Governor will pardon Prada.

Please sign the petition below to urge Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to assist in providing alternative solutions for Death Row Pitbulls in Nashville beginning with Prada Andree.

Here is the violation that the judge has used to sentence Prada:

8.08.060 - Complaints of violations—Court findings.

8.08.060 - Complaints of violations—Court findings.

If a complaint has been filed in the metropolitan general sessions court against the owner of a dog for violation of this chapter, the dog shall not be released from impoundment or disposed of except on order of the court, payment of all charges and costs under this chapter, including penalties for violating this chapter. The court may, upon making a finding that the dog is a vicious dog pursuant to this chapter, order (a) the dog released from impoundment, provided the owner shall within three days after the dog has been declared vicious, provide proof that a proper enclosure to adequately confine said vicious dog has been built subject to inspection by the director of metro animal services or his/her designee; (b) the dog is transported directly from metro animal services to a licensed veterinarian where said dog shall be either tattooed or implanted with an electronic microchip for identification, a copy of the information contained thereon to be provided to the division of metro animal services; or (c) the dog be destroyed in a humane manner by the division of metro animal services.


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