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Petitioning Governor Bill Haslam

Ban the sale of shark fin soup in Tennessee

Sharks are a huge part of our oceans food chain. If sharks become extinct, other fish will over-populate the world. They play an important role and are misunderstood, majestic creatures that have a bad reputation as "man-eaters". Sharks are disappearing from our oceans and need to be protected. They are captured, ruthlessly stripped of their fins, and thrown back into the ocean to slowly drown. Millions of sharks are killed every single year. New York just banned shark fin soup, I know we can too! And they had many more restaurants that sold it. We can help protect these beautiful creatures! Every bit helps!

Letter to
Governor Bill Haslam
Sharks are very important to the ocean's food chain. Millions of sharks are killed every year just for their fins. If Tennessee bans shark fin soup, hundreds to thousands of sharks will be saved. Please ban shark fin soup in the state of Tennessee. We love our sharks.

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