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Petitioning Tennessee General Assembly, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Allow citizens of the state to keep individual Quaker Parrots as pets.

We are responsible taxpaying citizens and good pet owners, but due to antiquated laws and regulations, the state is going to take away our beloved pet Quaker Parrot as it is illegal to own a Quaker as a pet in Tennessee. We moved here with our Quaker 2 years ago and she has been our pet for 7 years. There is no good reason to take her from us. The regulation states that she is a threat to native wildlife, but she's not because she lives in an apartment and never leaves except to go to the vet. We are not Quaker breeders and she is like a daughter to us. There's no justifiable reason why Tennesseans cannot own Quaker Parrots as pets. Look at that picture. Does she look like a threat to you?

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  • Tennessee General Assembly, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

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