Tencent to release the uncut version of Eternal Love of Dream

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To Tencent Video

First of all, we, the fans would like to thank the production team and the cast of Eternal love of dream for their hard work in producing such a beautiful love story between Donghua Dijun and Bai Feng Jiu. From the visuals, soundtrack, the CGI, costumes, to following the dialogues and scenes closely to the book, it was all beautifully done. Eternal love of dream has also gained a lot of international fans all over the world.

We understand that the show has 60 episodes originally and was cut to 56 episodes. We feel that the last 8 episodes were rushed, and a lot of scenes were either cut or not included. 

Here are some of the examples.

Scenes which are cut/not included:

1.       Aranya’s dream
-          The conversation between Aranya and her mother in the prison

2.       The scene where Donghua Dijun inquire his fate with Bai Feng Jiu from the Stone of Destiny

3.       The boat scene with Donghua Dijun, Bai Feng Jiu and Bai GunGun. This was shown in the promotional videos but were not included in the show

Video of the deleted scenes (credit owner of the video) : https://m.bilibili.com/video/av95379742

We hope that Tencent Video will fulfil fans’ request to release the 4 missing episodes, cut scenes and even more behind the scenes from Eternal love of dream, the show that we love and support so much.

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首先,我们,粉丝们要感谢三生三世枕上书的制作团队和演员。 他们辛勤地工作, 制作出这么一个美丽的爱情故事,东华帝君和白凤九,让我们这些粉丝们非常着迷。从视觉效果、配乐、CGI、服装,场景, 到忠于原著,三生三世枕上书很快地赢得我们这些国际粉丝的喜爱。




1.  阿兰雅和她的母亲在牢狱里的对话 

2.  东华帝君向天命石问询他与白凤九的天命姻缘而不是只由重霖来叙述 

3.  结尾东华一家三口泛舟, 我们在宣传视频中看到,但却沒播出 

Video of the deleted scenes (credit owner of the video) : https://m.bilibili.com/video/av95379742