Gameloop Emulator For Linux

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Hi, We are Linux Gamers and we want Gameloop Emulator for Linux Platform because we want to play games like PUBGM and COD like Windows users so we have some demands

  1. Tencent/PUBGM releases a version of the Gameloop emulator for Linux.
  2. The Gameloop version for Linux should be Open Source so that developers can create their version for their favorite Linux flavor if that's not possible then follow point #3
  3. If you don't agree to point 2 then the Gameloop version for Linux should work with all major Linux flavors like Ubuntu, Manjaro, etc or you can create an Appimage that will work on any Linux distro out there.
  4. If Tencent/PUBGM doesn't want to release a version of Gameloop for Linux then they should help me create a tutorial explaining how to use Gameloop using Wine, Lutris, or PlayonLinux, etc. this tutorial will include names of the programs that Gameloop requires to run on windows. i e .Net framework
  5. Gameloop emulator shouldn't show a warning that the players will be only put against Linux Emulator players because the number of players can be too low. Linux players should be able to play against windows players.


Update: 15-Jun-2020
At this point, I don't think they will help so we have to help ourselves I need Experienced Wine/CrossOver Users join my telegram channel and we will work together to get it working there.