Tenants vs Homestead Land Holdings

Tenants vs Homestead Land Holdings

680 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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Started by Vi McLean

As tenants we are suffering at the hands of Homestead Land Holdings.

We are dealing with inhospitable living conditions for ourselves, family, and loved ones.  We are all dealing with Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Fleas, and Mold, with little support or understanding from the building managers and from Homestead themselves.  We are all victims in this matter and our hard earned money is going towards rentals that should not even be rented out. We have either had to throw out couches, beds, and personal belongings due to these conditions. During the pandemic it is particularly hard as most of us had to stay trapped with these insects.  Cockroaches, fleas, etc can carry diseases and Homestead is putting their tenants in harms way.  We seek action from the Federal and Provincial Government, Landlords and Tenants board and seek the assistance of Lawyers in helping us to file a Class Action Lawsuit against Homestead and get the justice we deserve.  We need to protect our community and prevent future tenants from this fate.  Please sign this petition and show your support!  We all deserve a safe place to come home to.

If your a tenant dealing with this issue as well please email the following media parties.

owen.fullerton@ygknews.ca - YGK News

sserviss@postmedia.com - Kingston Whig Standard

Looking for 1 representative from each building to help in distributing flyers for our cause.  Please email with your Homestead building address and your issues. I dont need to know your unit/suite number just need the address (ex 1508 Princess).


Tell your story, share your photos, make sure they know that this issue is important as we are all victims here!!

680 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!