Ten Hills Community Opposition to Frederick Ave Development Project

Ten Hills Community Opposition to Frederick Ave Development Project

February 2, 2021
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Kristerfer Burnett and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mike Jarvis

​The residents of Ten Hills are opposed to the Frederick Avenue development project and are raising our concerns, via this petition, to halt further action associated with the development project. The intent is to call attention to our concerns and  initiate discourse with our elected leaders and representatives, law enforcement representatives, and adjoining communities. The following issues must be addressed and remedied:

1. Crime/Criminal Activity: There is a growing concern about the increased crime and crime related traffic. The 2020 City council decision to cut $22M from the law enforcement budget is a major community concern that affects the SW District police department.

2. Lack of Community Upkeep: Abandoned cars, litter and debris, illegal dumping, tree management, property management (Rock Glen apartments, convenience store, abandoned properties) already exist and have not been addressed sufficiently.

3. Environmental concerns including but not limited to air/noise pollution (due to increased vehicular traffic and construction) impact on the wildlife habitat native to the area, and stormwater management.

4. Traffic: Transient traffic between nearby main thoroughfares through the Ten Hills area has continued to grow. Signs and roadblocks appear to be ineffective.

5. CHAP compliance and adherence: Will there be compliance with set standards and requirements as Ten Hills is a designated historical area​?

The project will surely increase the density in the area with respect to people, vehicles, and transient traffic without having considered/completed existing projects in the area (Uplands area off RT40), and is believed to be lacking the supporting infrastructure (grocery, fuel, restaurants, waste management, law enforcement, etc.) to support an increased population and community center.​​

Background: A significant scale land development project is being proposed by Moseley Architects and AHC Inc. for the property located at the corner of Frederick Ave and S. Wickham. The project would include 100 apartment units, a community center, and a resource center.

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Signatures: 74Next Goal: 100
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Dalya AttarState Representative
  • Kristerfer Burnett
  • Tony BridgesState Representative
  • Samuel I. RosenbergState Representative
  • Keith E. HaynesState Representative