Temporarily Halt Foreign Travel in & out of INDIA Until n-Coronavirus Spread is Controlled

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n-Cov (novel Coronavirus) hit China in December 2019. This is a contagious deadly viral infection for which no treatment has been developed yet. It has caused around 3000 deaths and infected around 90000 people all over the world. Now this disease has spread to India, Japan, France, UK, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, the US, and many other countries are reporting coronavirus infection day by day.

As of 4th March 2020, in India, 28 people have been confirmed as infected by n-Coronavirus infection and more than 400 Indians are in quarantine in India.40,207 passengers have been inspected at the Bengaluru airport.

Each day, the number of countries affected and death rates are increasing. In spite of taking precautions and quarantine measures all over the world, still, the number of infected people is rising day by day as the vaccine is not yet developed but research is going on all over the world. It`s a deathly virus that has flu-like symptoms like cough and cold, in severe cases causes breathing problem, kidney failures, and death.

Mainly Coronavirus is spreading through the people with recent travel history to foreign countries which are coronavirus affected. But we don`t know yet which all countries have been affected by coronavirus and day by day the number of countries affected is increasing.

I want to make the following suggestions:

1. I would like to bring to the kind attention of the Ministry of External Affairs of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to Temporarily Completely HALT All FOREIGN TRAVEL in and out of India.

2. I request all Indians to STOP going out to other foreign countries whether declared hotspots of this virus or not, as it might not have been detected yet as infected. Please remember YOUR LIFE is more IMPORTANT than BUSINESS and MONEY. I know the economy is suffering, but please don't make yourself and your family suffer.

3. My request to the Indian Government and Health Ministry to Spread Awareness about how to Prevent novel Coronavirus infection and Broadcast it in vernacular languages to all our citizens through TV, Internet, SMS in mobiles and all media of communication.

4. My request to the Indian Government to strictly NOT ALLOW any FOREIGN TRAVEL in and out of India unless the Treatment for novel coronavirus has been developed.

5. Requesting Indian Government to increase Production of Proper Masks, Clothing and other required medical equipment for usage by doctors and patients for Precaution against n-Cov. Please provide PROTECTIVE MASKS at an affordable rate to all people of Indian and make its USAGE COMPULSORY.

6. Indians please take NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS. I want you all to act as if your house is on fire. We need to urgently take precautions against n-Coronavirus.

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