Temple University Coalition for Change

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The Temple University Coalition for Change was made to hold Temple accountable for their role in systemic racism and the colonization of North Philadelphia. Make your voice heard. If you cannot make our protest on July 8th but support our cause, please take part in this online petition. Additionally there is a phone/email zap script on our social media and it will be live streamed with an ASL interpreter. 

Instagram: @tu.cfc

Twitter: @tuscfc

Facebook: Student Coalition for Change

This petition will be supplemental to our in person petition at our protest on July 8th, at 12pm. 

The Student Coalition for Change will be hosting this peaceful protest with the following demands on Temple University:

  • Defund the Temple University Police Department. 
  • End contracts with organizations such as Aramark that support the carceral state and prison industrial complex. 
  • Immediately hire BIPOC to align with the racial composition of Philadelphia. 
  • Increase funding towards instructors, increase the amount of tenure-track professors, rehire all faculty, and provide job security for fall of 2020.
  • Increase funding for sexual harassment and assault investigations and education. 
  • Require an additional Race and Diversity GenEd for all university students. 
  • Eliminate funding on the basis of enrollment and fund decision-making committee of community, students, TU workers to decide other measures of where and how to fund initiatives for community/faculty/student well being
  • Increase funding to the College of Liberal arts including the Africology/African American Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies and Urban Education departments.
  • Alter code of conduct to include clear language around hate speech and racial discrimination.