Justice for Michael Dean

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As we progress into the new year, l want to ensure that I do my part to fight for justice and hope that you’ll do the same.

Let me tell you about Michael, who I remember vividly as being a loving, goofy, and kind soul who always had a smile on his face and stayed cracking jokes!! He comes from a loving family and has matured into a loving father to his own children. #ThisisMichaelDean and he was only 28 when he was murdered- shot in the head once during a traffic stop by a TPD Officer with a history of poor judgment...WHILE UNARMED.

It’s been an entire month that his family and the community have gone without solid answers. 1 month since his children and his family have had to wake up without him on this earth. Meanwhile, his murderer has spent the past month on PAID leave. 

I am imploring you all to stand up and let it be known that THIS IS NOT OKAY and that we demand answers. We have to wake up!! This could be you, your son, your father!! We have demand accountability, transparency, reform, and ultimately, #JusticeforMichaelDean!!! Please sign this petition so that the City of Temple and the TPD know that the tax-paying citizens of our community (and hopefully beyond) will not idly stand by as they refuse to step up to the plate and DO THE RIGHT THING!!!