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Petitioning Temple of Heaven 天坛公园 Parkland Management 管理处

Temple of Heaven Management: Answer and Justice for the Murdered Animals


Recently, around 80 to 90 cats including kittens had been brutally tortured and killed inside the parkland at Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China (Facebook Page | Phone: +86 (0) 10 670 130 36). The outrage of the animal loving public is not to be ignored, but the management of the park has not yet given an answer to explain the death, nor they have made any effort into investigating this twisted act of murder.

Some of the cats and kittens were killed by blunt tools which caused brutal injury, and some of them had been crushed on the spine and killed. Some others didn’t show obvious physical injury, but were bleeding through their nose and mouth, their blood were black! There were also 2-3 months old kittens that had been beaten then drowned.

Many animal lovers had gathered outside of the park on the morning of Sunday the 3rd of November to pay tribute to the innocent souls that had suffered and died in the hands of a twisted psychopath. So far, 3 demonstrations (3rd, 4th and 19th Nov), have been carried out at the gate of Temple of Heaven and right outside the management office by the animal lovers demanding an answer for the cat massacre happened inside the park. 

The full story here | More Details Here | Photos Here | More Photos and Details Here

We may not find the murderer, but the management team was definitely responsible for this. First, it happened during the night, after the site had closed. So we could reasonably predict that it may be someone works for the site, or who utilized the negligence of the site management to sneak in to the site.

Second, the management team showed no interest in finding the criminal and tolerated such disgusting behavior for over a month.


The management has been avoiding to respond to the animal caring volunteers and protesters, until most recently after 4 demonstrations, the park management had finally agreed to talk about the case with a representative of the volunteers. TACN’s Regional Director Xiaoli had taken on this role as the representative to discuss the resolution for the case further with the park management.

We need all the support, help and signatures we can get to petition the management at Temple of Heaven, demanding them to keep their promises and act to cooperate with the public, investigate seriously into the case, and be 100% transparent with what they know and the result of their investigations, thus to protect the remaining stray cats and kittens inside the parkland and prevent further cruelty and killing.

We will not only send them the petition via online channels, we will also hand the petition to the management in person! All people who signed this petition will be monitoring the park management with keeping their words.

If the management does not cooperate, listen or respond to our requests, or if they fail to perform with any of the promises and commitments they have made, we are prepared to take the case further and contact UNESCO and any other relevant authorities to seek justice until we are satisfied with the outcome.

We demand justice for the tortured and murdered cats and kittens who found their home at Temple of Heaven and were once loved and cared for by many animal loves in Beijing, but got brutally tortured and murdered inside the parkland. The innocent lives should never suffer in silence and they would not be forgotten!


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