Get Temperzone to reinstate all leave & reimburse loss of wages from employees affected.

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During the Covid-19 lockdown, Temperzone Management got all employees to sign consent forms to give to MSD so that the company could apply for the Govt Wage Subsidy on 25th March 2020. 4-5 weeks later, the employees found out that the company didn't apply for the subsidy until the 12th May 2020.

This meant that the employees were forced to take all of their leave balances (Annual/Sick/Long Service etc) particularly, the 16 Days of advanced leave. The workers said they chose to use the word 'forced' because it was a choice between "feeding their families or not, paying bills or not."

When employees had returned to work after lockdown, the company gave out redundancy/restructure letters to 85 employees. A large portion of these employees had been working at this company for 25+ yrs and were close to the retirement age. For most of the employees that have been made redundant, they are the main/only source of income for their families. Placing these families in an extremely unfair and difficult position.

We the undersigned community members expect Temperzone to reinstate all leave harvested and reimburse loss of wages from employees who were E Tū and FIRST union members during the Covid Alert Level 4 Lockdown period. We support the workers and expect the company to commit to do so in writing in the next 10 days.