Lower Cellphone Bills

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For the past year or so, the cellphone companies have started asking for the cost of the cellphone that we get on a contract as an additional amount to the monthly bill. Which sounds right. But I have two questions - Do these service providers lower our monthly bill automatically once the contract is over ? The answer is "NO". Second question - Canadians have been paying average of about $60 per month since last year that included the cost of the brand new phones along with the career charges. So how come all of a sudden the monthly bill has shoot to about $90 if canadians need a new phone on a contract. E.g If i got a new phone on a new contract last year the average price was about $60 per month ($40 Phone cost + $20 Service charges). This year the average is about $90. So how come the providers have doubled the service charges because the cost of the new phones is almost the same as last year. Please sign this petition against this arbitrary decision of all the cellphone service providers. As Canadians we are already paying too much for a basic need as compared to other countries. Let's get together in this to bring this big change and lower our cellphone bills. The money we save today brings a better future for our next generations.