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Refuse Turnbull's plan to alter the existing NBN contract

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Telstra has long recognised the need to upgrade the crumbling copper network for Fibre to the Home (FttH)/Fibre to the Premises (FttP) as part of a modern, upgradeable network. Telstra's experts have long warned that the copper was past its useby date and that FttN was not worth the effort as an intermediary step.

Telstra should also recognise the potential MASSIVE waste of legal time and roll-out delays caused by Turnbull's plan to switch to a Fibre to the Node (FTTN) only to have to go through it all again down the track to do the job properly when that same effort could be spent rolling out fibre to more homes.

From a customer perspective - there's little option for an increase in revenue via upgrades to higher plans as FttN is like ADSL in that what you are lucky enough to get is what you get. Fibre means Telstra can upgrade its customers with ease.  Meanwhile with Turnbull's FttN plan with "on demand fibre at customer expense" the cost of connection will mean it is prohibitive for all but the richest households and additionally most rental properties would remain unconnected to fibre and thus stuck on the default low speeds permitted by copper.

From an environmental perspective the FttN is far more wasteful - requiring double the energy to run and much larger street installations which add unnecessarily to the clutter of our urban environment.

For your customers - a more reliable, fast and easily upgradeable infrastructure is clearly more desirable than the existing run-down copper (which causes so many problems with current ADSL connections). In addition - the wide range of potential uses of the NBN will be denied by the lack of upload speed in the FttN plan. For your country customers - Turnbull's proposal leaves them out in the cold and they will not have the guarantee of price equivalent services with the city - Telstra should recognise there is a social justice aspect lacking from Turnbull's plan.

Please do the right thing by the customers past, present and future and also by the community at large - support the better majority full-fibre solution that the NBN (and Telstra) has been working toward so far.

Stick to the deal that was put together over several years of hard slog by Telstra and the NBN teams and push Turnbull to re-evaluate his position. Telstra should go in to bat for their customers, the Australian public as well as the future business opportunities that a majority FttH network can allow which a FttN does not. 

Please reject the FttN proposal and stick with the plan for a majority full-fibre plan.

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