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Tell YouTube CEO to remove animal cruelty videos from YouTube!

YouTube must immediately take action to remove animal-cruelty-related videos from its site. Sick, evil people who post videos of themselves inflicting torture and death upon dogs, cats, and other animals deserve to be prosecuted. YouTube should cooperate with authorities to stop the production and distribution of  videos exploiting animal abuse. 

We're asking YouTube to issue an international press release stating that they will begin aggressively searching for and removing animal cruelty videos from its site, and prosecuting those who create and post such videos.

If you didn't already know, YouTube's CEO & share holders.

Ask PETA to take action. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: ph 757-622-7382; email

This is not the first petition of this nature. Demand That YouTube Release Animal Crime Videos to FBI  and Get Rid of Animal Abuse on You Tube.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!

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  • Google CEO, ph 650-214-1722
    Larry Page
  • Google Co-Founder, ph 650-214-1722
    Sergey Brin
  • YouTube, Inc. CEO, ph 650-685-6409
    Chad Hurley

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