Farm animals desperately need your help! Add your name today, and tell the National Conference of State Legislatures that you oppose ag-gag laws -- legislation that would hide abuse at factory farms.

Whistleblower investigations at factory farms have revealed images of animals living and dying in appalling, illegal and unethical conditions. These investigations have led to criminal cruelty charges, food recalls and public outcry.  But instead of cleaning up its act, the agriculture industry is trying to pass “ag-gag” laws to cover it up. These laws punish –even jail—anyone seeking to expose animal cruelty or other abusive farm practices through photographs, videos and other means.  Ag-gag bills have been introduced in nearly half of the states, and seven bills have already passed into law. With transparency effectively destroyed, animal abuse is allowed to continue, and the public is kept in the dark. 

Your legislators can fight for the truth and put a stop to this dangerous legislation. Sign this petition today to ask the National Conference of State Legislatures—a body composed of all state lawmakers—to oppose these bills. They need to hear that you want more transparency on America’s farms, not more secrecy and abuse. 

Letter to
National Conference of State Legislatures
I urge the National Conference of State Legislatures and its members to oppose “ag-gag” bills. These bills are designed to prevent whistleblowers from exposing illegal and unethical activities on industrial animal farms. Investigations on these facilities have led to food safety recalls, plant closures, and criminal convictions. Ag-gag legislation threatens not only to cover up horrific animal abuse and food safety violations, but also environmental and human rights concerns.

A growing consortium of animal welfare, consumer protection civil liberties, farming, human rights, labor, and environmental organizations have strongly opposed ag-gag legislation. A 2012 nationwide poll conducted by Lake Research Partners revealed that 71% of Americans support these investigative efforts to expose animal abuse on industrial farms, and 64 percent oppose making such efforts illegal. In 2013, ag-gag bills were introduced and defeated in eleven states.

Ag-gag laws are a direct threat to marketplace transparency. At a time when Americans are increasingly interested in knowing more about how their food is produced and concerned about the basic welfare of animals, these laws threaten my ability to make sound consumer choices consistent with my personal and family values.

I ask that NCSL oppose efforts to pass “ag-gag” bills in state legislatures. Animals deserve to be protected, and the public has a right to know how its food is produced.