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Tell your senators to pass the Appalachia Restoration Act and end mountaintop removal mining

The recently introduced bipartisan Appalachia Restoration Act would stop the destruction mountaintop removal mining causes to our environment and mining communities. Send a message urging your senators to support and vote Yes for the Appalachia Restoration Act.

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The U.S. Senate
America's Appalachian Mountains are under siege. Mountaintop removal mining ravages the landscapes, harms communities, destroys irreplaceable natural resources and threatens the region's unique heritage. This destructive strip mining practice has blasted hundreds of mountaintops to rubble, wiped out forests and the wildlife that depend on them and buried countless streams. More than 1,200 miles of streams and rivers have been destroyed or otherwise directly polluted by coal mining waste in central Appalachia in just a 10-year span.

Coal companies should no longer be allowed to blow up mountains, turn streams into waste dumps and clear-cut some of the most biologically diverse forests in the world. Nor should they be allowed to destroy the quality of life for those who call Appalachia home. It is time for our nation to invest in clean, renewable energy sources that will safely and efficiently fuel our future.

Please support the Appalachia Restoration Act (S. 696) and do everything you can to help ensure its passage.

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