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Tell Your Senators: Now is the Time for Health Care Reform

President Obama has asked Congress to stop bickering and start focusing on the work to bring health care reform to all Americans.  But the president alone cannot make this happen.  To convince Congress to fix our broken health care system, your representatives need to hear that you support reform.

Health reform will help your family--limits on your out of pocket costs when serious illness hits, preventive care and better care for chronic conditions, the freedom to change jobs or start your own business without losing your health coverage.

Your Senator needs to hear that you care about those benefits. Fixing what's wrong with our health care system is so tough because the special interests -- giant insurance, drug and medical companies -- have so much power in Washington. We saw in August at Town Halls just what's at stake, and how difficult this battle will be.

Your Senators heard the smear campaign this summer. Now they need to hear why health reform matters to you. Tell your Senator to get health reform moving right away as the Senate gets back to work.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
As your constituent, I urge you to keep health reform moving forward, not stall or delay it.

Like millions of Americans, I support reforms that will stop insurance companies from denying coverage to those who are sick, older or can't afford outrageous premiums.

To help bring down costs and give us more choices, I support a public plan option that will compete for my business alongside private insurance companies. And I support tough reforms to end waste, fraud and abuse.

I support incentives for preventive care and early detection of serious diseases, and an end to preventable medical errors and hospital-acquired infections.

Finally, I ask you to make sure reform will reduce my costs and give me and all Americans health care security throughout our lives.


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