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Tell your elected officials to stand up for immigrant families

One of the most critical issues in the 2012 elections will be national immigration reform.

We have witnessed states like Arizona and Alabama enacting devastating policies while Washington refuses to take on pro-immigrant measures like comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act, and it’s costing our country and our families.

This issue deserves more than a few sound bites –and before our local and state officials throw their support behind any national candidate, we need to call on them to choose those ready to act for comprehensive immigration reform. Voters like us demand that our leaders to act with common sense and compassion for the millions of immigrants in America.

This electoral cycle is a serious one: state officials elected to office this year must be committed to ending discriminatory policies that tear families apart, and stand up for reform that will boost our economy and protect our communities.

We need candidates in 2012 who will drop the anti-immigrant talking points, and support action for comprehensive immigration reform for our country.

Letter to
Your State Senate
As your constituent, I want to ask that when you endorse candidates for office that you endorse those who support immigrant families.

2012 is a key year for national elections, from the Congress to the White House, and local representatives like you have the opportunity to throw your support to candidates who will fight for your constituents’ priorities. This is no light matter – and I am writing you today to remind you of what I value in a leader.

America’s immigrant system is broken. Washington continues to put comprehensive reform on the back burner, while workers are threatened and families are torn apart. These policies won’t make our communities safer, and they won’t make our economy more prosperous.

Reform for the 21st century must be rooted in the restoration of the rule of law, earned citizenship, united families, and fair treatment of workers. And it will take leaders with the courage and common-sense to see it through, without bending to anti-immigrant zealots.

The time to get serious about reform is now – and candidates need to hear that message loud and clear.

Your endorsement for national candidates will help shape the ballots this year. Give public support and enthusiasm to those who are ready to unwaveringly take on comprehensive reform.

I call on you use your opportunity to back candidates with the rational and humane approach required to repair our broken immigration system, for families like mine, and those across the country.

Your constituent,

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