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Tell World Leaders to Act on Climate Change- NOW


Climate Change due to human causes is having a major effect on our ability to grow food, creating droughts and desertification, and making life more and more difficult for humans and other living beings on the planet. Join people around the world in letting world leaders know that we are worried about climate change and that we want our governments to work together to slow it down and reverse it. 

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World Heads of State
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Create and Enforce Limits on Climate Gas Emissions

Dear World Leaders,

We, the Citizens of Earth, demand that national and world leaders enforce limits on climate change gas emissions that will result in reduction of these gases to the safe level agreed upon by the planet's foremost scientists: 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide.

We demand that limits be put in place in our own countries regardless of the cooperation of other nations such that, were all nations following the same guidelines, global emissions would begin to decline rapidly and an atmospheric amount would decline to 350 PPM this century, as required to assure a healthy future for people and all life on the planet.

We demand that that legislation outlining these limits and targeting this goal be enacted into law before the end of 2015.

We also insist that you mount the educational campaigns and put in place the emergency measures that will help citizens of our countries to adapt to the consequences of climate change that we are already experiencing: increased natural disasters, desertification, extremes of weather and temperature, and impacts on our food and water supplies.

The future of the world is in your hands.

With hope,

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