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Tell Walmart: You're okay with "Duke Nukem Forever" with "Babe-Slapping Mode"

Response to Shelby Knox's Tell Walmart: Don't sell "Duke Nukem Forever" with "Babe-Slapping Mode" petition

Letter to
CEO, Walmart Michael Duke
CEO, Gearbox Randy Pitchford Shelby Knox
You've most likely seen the petition by Shelby Knox stating that Walmart should not sell the new Duke Nukem Forever game due to its "Babe-Slapping" Mode.

Ask yourself this: What if the genders were reversed? Look at the double standards in today's reality shows, commercials and movies...women slap men all the time and it's considered not only as acceptable but downright hilarious. Ask just about any group of women shown a video of a woman smacking a man in the face what they think and they will most likely say something along the lines of "well he must have done something to deserve it." Put a woman in the exact same situation and most women will get into "outrage" mode and call/write to the Parents Television Council or something similar.

Sorry if I got off-topic, it was just to show that any outrage towards Duke Nukem Forever is completely unjustified since if the character in this game were female and would be hitting men in the same fashion, virtually no one would complain. For those who don't know the background, in this game, Capture The Flag (I'm sure you can use google if you aren't familiar with Capture The Flag), becomes "Capture The Babe" in which you kidnap the opposing team's "Babe" instead of a flag and bring it to your camp to win the match. If the "Babe" starts freaking out, you are to smack her on the bottom to get her to stop.

Here's a newsflash: It's a freaking video game. No one is going to go around slapping women on the ass because of this game and no one is going to go around being physically or sexually abusive to women because of this game. No one went around killing prostitutes because you could do so in Grand Theft Auto 3 or 4 either.

Video games, movies and music don't change people into something they aren't already. The only people who are going to be violent towards women are people who are already dis-positioned as having these violent tendencies and it's due to bad parenting, psychological/mental disorders and such...not video games/movies/music. I've been playing violent video games since I got my first Nintendo in '87, and not only would I never even hurt a fly, I am married and respect my wife.

Am I saying that violence, physical or sexual, against women, or men for that matter, is ok? No not at all. But at least I am able to realize that virtual reality violence is okay and that once I turn the game off and get back to the real world that the violence I engage in while playing these games is not something I should/would mirror in real life because now there's real people involved.

Guess what? The vast majority of us are able to make these rational decisions and are able to differentiate the fact that what we do in the non-virtual world has real consequences. The extremely small minority that would mirror what they see and do in video games are as I've mentioned earlier, the results of bad parenting or mental illness and all we can do is hope that anyone caring for these individuals would not let them play this or any similar games.

Tell Walmart that we don't need them to tell us what we should or should not buy, that we can make that decision by ourselves. Tell them we don't need our intelligence insulted by having them make the decision of what is right and wrong for us and that we don't want this type of censorship. We are all mature enough to make those decisions on our own. The game is rated M for a reason, it is not intended for people under the age of 17. And let's tell Shelby Knox that we don't need her feminist agenda making decisions for us either. We're men and contrary to what mass-media would have you believe, we are not idiots nor are we knuckle-dragging-neanderthal-man-children. We are intelligent, we know better and we're not just going to sit by and take the BS that Shelby Knox and feminism in general is trying to shove down our throats.

Women, you absolutely have the right to not buy the game if you feel offended by it, nobody is forcing you to. Please let the rest of us enjoy our harmless virtual fun.

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