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Tell Walmart to stop this cage-free hypocrisy!

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Living in New York can be expensive; so finding good deals and stretching each dollar is very important. That is why I frequently shop at Walmart both here, and when I visit my family in Mexico. Shockingly, when shopping back home in Mexico at Walmart, I learned that Walmart has different standards for food safety and how animals should be treated. Like the vast majority of consumers in the US and throughout Mexico, my family takes animal welfare seriously. This is why my family and I were shocked to learn that Walmart refuses to end its support of cruel cage farms in Mexico despite already committing to going 100% cage-free in the United States!

Walmart locations in Mexico are clearly held to a substandard and this not acceptable. Major restaurants, retailers, distributors and egg suppliers are making the transition to cage-free due to an outpour from consumers demanding these important changes for animals. Even McDonald’s, Burger King, and Grupo Bimbo have committed to going 100% cage-free in Mexico. So why does Walmart think that nobody will catch wind of its continued support of caging animals in this changing climate?

As it stands today, Walmart is showing its apparent true colors: Food standards in Mexico are not as important as food standards in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

I ask both my Mexican and American friends -- please sign my petition to plead for equal food standards in both United States and Mexico. 

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