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Walmart is currently products for children that have dangerous levels of lead, chlorine arsenic, cadmium and bromine-all toxic substances.

As the world's largest retailer, Walmart has tremendous influence over manufacturers and could be a powerful force in making sure our children's toys meet strict safety standards.

But Walmart isn't standing up for its customer's safety. Instead it's pressuring its suppliers to deliver goods as cheaply as possible - forcing them to cut corners on product safety to meet Walmart's price demands and still make a profit.

There's no price at which we should be willing to accept products that jeopardize our children's health.

Send a letter to Walmart CEO Mike Duke and ask him to pull dangerous products off Walmart shelves and stop sacrificing safety for profits.

Letter to
President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart Stores, Inc. Mike Duke
Families shouldn't have to fear potential hazards to children from toys purchased at Walmart. As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart has a unique responsibility to set safety and health standards for all products it sells, particularly children’s products.

Because Walmart continues to pressure suppliers to shave costs at every turn in order to inflate its profits, Walton family wealth, and executive compensation, customers are at risk of purchasing unsafe products.

Customers deserve greater respect. With over $13.4 billion in profits, Walton family wealth at $70.6 billion, and the last reported CEO compensation package at $30 million, Walmart is profiting from the trust and loyalty shown by customers. Our families should not have to worry about the safety of products purchased at Walmart. You can well afford to take extra precautions to fully inform customers of potential safety concerns from products on your shelves.

Right now, there are children’s products offered for sale at stores and online with high levels of dangerous substances including lead, chlorine, arsenic, cadmium, and bromine according to, a project of the Ecology Center and the Center for Environmental Health. These products include Mrs. Potato Head manufactured by Playskool, a Walmart brand black and yellow frog wallet, a Disney Princesses pink belt, and an iCarly pink belt manufactured by Viacom.

Walmart must ensure that the products on its shelves are safe. Please remove the unsafe products from your shelves. You have made the profits from consumer’s purchases, now take responsibility for consumer protection.

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