Drop the Charges Against Mom Protecting Her Child

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Ms. Sarah Sims, a Norfolk, Virginia mom, was concerned about bullies targeting her 9 year old daughter at her school, Ocean View Elementary School. She contacted the school, but they didn’t respond to her many requests for help.

In order to prove that her daughter was being bullied, Ms. Sims put a recording device in her daughter’s backpack. One of the school’s employees noticed the recorder, and removed it from the backpack (electronic devices are not allowed at school).

School administrators then called the police on Ms. Sims.  Yes, the same people who were too busy to call a student’s mom about a serious issue found the time to call police.

Norfolk police arrested Ms. Sims. The Commonwealth’s Attorney (the prosecutor) charged Ms. Sims with Felony Use of a Device to Intercept Oral Communication (wiretapping!) and Misdemeanor Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

The felony charge means that Ms. Sims could be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

It is outrageous that a little girl who was bullied at school now has to see her mom bullied by her school and by the criminal system.

Many people could have stopped this action – the school administrator, the police officers who investigated or the prosecutor who charged a mom with a felony. But they all decided that Ms. Sims deserved to be arrested, prosecuted and have a possible prison sentence to worry about.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the criminal system is biased against African Americans like Ms. Sims and her daughter, in terms of who is arrested, who is charged with a more serious crime, and who is sentenced to prison time. It is unlikely that a white parent would be treated the way Ms. Sims has been treated.

Please let the school principal and the prosecutor know that the charges against Ms. Sims are unacceptable and must be dropped immediately, before causing further damage to this family.


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