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Tell Valero CEO: Stop attacking our nation's best Global Warming Regulations

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With the Senate's failure to pass an anti global-warming bill, legislation on the state level is currently our most direct answer to saving the planet.

California already passed one of the toughest anti-global warming laws in the world (AB32) back in 2006 -- and its regulations will start being phased in next year.

But not if a bunch of oil companies in Texas have their way. Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro have spent $3.5 million to fund Prop 23 in California; a deceptive initiative that, if approved by voters this November, will effectively reverse AB32.

If these Texas Oil Companies succeed in rewriting California's global warming laws, it won't just hurt California's effort to curb harmful carbon emissions -- it will be a giant step back for nationwide efforts to fight global warming.

So we need to tell Valero that their continued support of this proposition is going to cost them, too.

We started this campaign in California in April with our friends at The Courage Campaign, but since then, Valero has upped the ante. With only two months until the election, they just gave another $3 million to fund the attack on AB32. There's no telling how many more millions Valero will dump into this effort before November -- but if we create a groundswell of national pressure, we can force them to reconsider their support. So we're taking this boycott national.

The Senate climate fight made clear that dirty energy companies have far too much power in Washington. And now that the Citizens United case has opened the door for more corporate money in our elections, the best way to stop dirty energy from having an even bigger impact on ballots nationwide is with direct, public pressure that will be noticed by corporate executives and shareholders alike.

This type of pressure just made a big difference after Target donated $150,000 to a group backing anti-gay candidates. With Valero leading an attack on the strongest climate pollution reduction act in the country, we need to show them that their support isn't just bad for the environment -- it's also bad for business.

Then, don't buy gas at Valero. Valero and Tesoro operate gas stations under the following brands. Boycott all of these locations:

Valero, Beacon, Diamond Shamrock, Shamrock, Corner Store, Ultramar, Tesoro, Mirastar, USA Petroleum

Valero's CEO needs to hear the message loud and clear. Sign the pledge and join the boycott of Valero. Your pressure works.

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