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Tell Utah Senate to Stop Feral Animal Bill: H.B. 210

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It's back: Representative Curt Oda's (R-Clearfield) feral animal bill which will allow anyone in Utah to shoot a feral animal (this includes cats, dogs, pigs and pigeons) simply because it could be feral.

While Oda states that the bill is to protect ranchers and farmers from legal prosecution for taking the feral animal issue into their own hands, many argue it will just allow animal abuse to take place legally. 

The original bill was stripped down to one line, removing all language about feral animals. However, Oda has recently restored parts of the bill concerning feral animals.

According to HB210, a person can shoot any animal they think is feral, whether it is really feral or not. People will be allowed to kill animals in areas where hunting is prohibited. Some of these areas are visited frequently by people and pets.

Some Utah lawmakers call the bill "embarrassing," "inappropriate" and not right, "as a policy of the state of Utah."

Regardless of their opposition, and the opposition of activists and animal welfare groups, H.B. 210 has passed in Utah's House and now moves to the Senate. 

With alternatives available, including fencing, Trap-Neuter-Return programs and even a new humane bill introduced by Senator Dennis Stowell, H.B. 210 should have stayed in the trash where it belongs.

Sign the petition and tell the Utah Senate to vote against H.B. 210, and explore available alternates.


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