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Tell Uptown Sports: Apologize for calling same-sex marriage "misguided" and "wrong"

Uptown Sports tweeted, today, that they were "Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender "marriage". Legal or not, it will always be wrong."

This message was sent to almost a thousand followers - approximately 785 - who are fans of this franchise. Uptown Sports, according to their twitter bio, represents Professional Hockey players such as Andrew Brunette, Cody McCormick, Chris Neil, Mike Fisher, and Carlo Colaiacovo. Their website states that for "over twenty-five years Uptown Sports has been a consistent source of professionalism, and honesty in the hockey business."

Using corporate social media to spread a personal agenda is not professional, nor is prejudice upholding the quality of integrity they say is 'how they do business' on the same page. Ask them to publicly apologize for this hate-filled tweet.

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Letter to
Executive Director, NHLPA Don Fehr
President, Uptown Sports Donald G. Reynolds
Vice President, Uptown Sports Todd Reynolds
Your recent tweet, able to be found at!/uptownhockey/status/67689998723457024, is offensive, prejudiced, and unprofessional.

Your website states that you value integrity in how you do business; offending and alienating a large portion of the country does not seem to uphold this value. It says that you are a 'consistent source of professionalism', but using a corporate Twitter account in order to spread a personal agenda is very unprofessional. Your bio says that you represent a number of well-known athletes, who may have any range of viewpoints when it comes to gay rights.

Saying that a prejudiced statement isn't prejudiced does not make it so; To rectify this situation, an apology needs to be made.

I'm writing today to ask you to please demonstrate the values of integrity and professionalism by apologizing for this bigoted and offensive tweet. Same-sex marriage is just as morally right as heterosexual marriage, and Sean Avery's support of it is not misguided.

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