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Tell UK Government and Border Agency it's wrong to send Gay HIV Positive Uganda man back to Uganda


A gay and HIV positive Ugandan is being forcibly taken sent back to Uganda anytime now after losing his appeal for Asylum.

He could now face 14 years imprisonment, torture and if a new bill is passed possible execution when he is sent back.


Alex Elliott from T.I.G.R.O. called Campsfield House Removal Centre where he was being detained to see how he was doing and was told he had been taken to the Airport and is currently on his way back to Uganda.

He is currently being held at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport and could be sent back to Uganda at any time.

'It makes me feel sick' Alex Elliott said.

The man said a couple of days ago that he was very frightened based on what they do to Gay people particularly with HIV.


Please sign this petition to condemn the decision of the UK Government and Border controls and tell them to immediately put proper procedures in place to protect LGBT Asylum seekers who are in danger if sent back to their own country


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