Tell Uber and Lyft to implement better safety measures to protect drivers!

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Everyday, numerous people sign onto the Lyft and Uber app to either work their full-time job or earn some extra income. We pick up passengers not knowing who they are or where they are going. Often these passengers give false names and don't provide a photo for identification. Numerous Uber and Lyft drivers have been attacked, physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, stalked or harassed. Often times Lyft and Uber will unpair us from this passenger but no further action is taken.

This past weekend 39 year old Kristina Howato was out driving in Tempe, Arizona. Having two kids and being in her third trimester she was trying to earn extra income for her family. Around 1 A.M, she received a request from Fabian Durazo. She picked up Fabian and drove him to his apartment 1 mile away, he then proceeded to stab her numerous times, killing her and her unborn child. He then stole her car and proceeded to flee the area, only to be apprehended 25 miles from the border of California.

Howato was doing what hundreds of thousands of driver's do daily, accepting work to support her family. She did not deserve a tragic end like this and her very young children did not deserve to lose their mom. 

We are asking that Uber and Lyft:

1.   Start requiring passengers verify their identities with an ID, SSN, or some form of identification (foreign or national) and requiring that they provide a profile picture. 

2. Age verification from riders to ensure they are 18 or older. Having underage passengers with no adults present can cause a safety issue for both passengers and drivers. Passenger under the age of 18 are also violating terms of service

3.   Run criminal background checks on all riders, that way there is no discrimination based on looks, name, gender, disability, nationality. or religion. Anyone who signs up with a criminal background that involves physical or sexual violence be automatically disqualified for 5 years from completing their sentence.

4.   Drivers would also like the ability to carry some form of protection, that does not violate state laws.

5.   Riders who make false claims against driver be charged for lost income or for Uber and Lyft to assist drivers with taking the rider to court for damages.

6.   Lyft and Uber should also provide dash cams to drivers, so any incidents can be caught on tape.

7. Uber and Lyft to release the data collected regarding incidents where a drivers safety was compromised by a passenger.

8. Drivers car information and name be removed from passengers previous rides after a 24 hour period. ( Unless a complaint has been filled or an item is missing)

9.    Finally, we would like Lyft and Ubers cooperation when handling a police matter and provide the riders information to the police department.

10. Identity verification for both Drivers and passengers, when using the app at the beginning of the day

11. Number of passengers displayed to ensure accurate pick up. Rate needs to be increased per passenger.

While this isn't a permanent solution to driver's safety, it is a start and hopefully starts a process to not only protect drivers but also to protect riders who choose to do shared rides.


*Information has been compiled from various news sources