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Tell Twitter: Denounce Hate Speech and Ban Westboro Baptist Church Members From Their Site

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For years now, the Westboro Baptist Church has prided itself on making their presences felt at the funerals of individuals such as military personnel and victims of other various crimes. While at these funerals, they hold up signs saying offensive things such as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers", "God Hates America", "God Hates F*gs", and others. It has become painfully clear that WBC is intent on spreading hate throughout this country, all while operating under the moniker of a "church".


On April 9, 2011, the WBC had their official account removed due to the content that they were continuously posting on it, which contained nothing but hateful and offensive material. Now, it's time for Twitter to remove the accounts of ALL members of WBC. Day after day, they are posting comments-as well as links to offensive video, audio, and text that they themselves produce-designed to spread hate speech, homophobia, anti-Americanism, and anti-Semitism. Furthermore, whenever someone from the general public Tweets any WBC member to give their thoughts on their behavior, not only are they viciously attacked and harassed in return, but the WBC members in question decide to severely twist the original messages that they are sent in an attempt to make them sound hate-filled. I can vouch for this, as I myself have been a victim of this kind of harassment, as you can see from the following...


My message (23 hours ago as of this posting): "@DearShirley U n the rest of WBC need 2 fear and obey civilized humanity. No choice sweetheart."


Mrs. Phelps-Roper's response (2 hours ago as of this posting): "'@KWilliams1984 @DearShirley U & WBC need 2 fear & obey disobedient humanity. No choice sweetheart.' Fear of man bringeth snare. No chance!"


The above evidence is proof that all WBC is aiming to do is twist what people say and avoid facing the truth about who and what they are and what they ultimately stand for.


This petition is calling for to immediately and officially remove the accounts of any and all WBC members and ban them from ever creating other accounts or even accessing the website ever again. Hate speech, especially the kind of speech that WBC spreads, has absolutely no place in this world, and especially on the internet. As stated above, the account of WBC has been removed and the group has been banned from the site for this very reason, and it's time for WBC to be removed from as well in order to stop this kind of behavior from continuously being able to take place.


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