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Tell Trader Joe’s to Stop Selling Unsustainable Seafood


Trader Joe's is one of the largest grocery retailers in America to not have a sustainable seafood policy, and they sell many "red list" species of fish that are either endangered or cause significant damage to oceans when harvested.

Worse, Trader Joe's does not accurately label seafood products and in some stores they even display blatantly misleading signs indicating that their seafood is "sustainable" even when they sell endangered species.

Store managers and corporate big-wigs have felt the heat from Greenpeace's relentless phone calls from supporters, and in-store demonstrations across the country. But they still haven't changed their ways.

Have they been ignoring the public's cries for ocean protection? Or are they simply unwilling to tell the truth to their consumers?

Take action and tell their Merchandising V.P., Matt Sloan, to clear up the story for Trader Joe's with this simple message: "We're still waiting for Trader Joe's sustainable seafood policy!"

Ocean conservation is important to all of us. Please take action today!

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