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Tell Trader Joe’s to Go 100% Cage-Free

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I'm a loyal Trader Joe's shopper. They’re a great source for healthy low-priced foods and their customer service can't be beat. They give stickers to my three year old and greet him by name. They are helpful and responsive to me, but I was surprised and disappointed to find out that Trader Joe’s still sells eggs from hens crammed into tiny cages. Join me to urge Trader Joe’s to take the humane route and go 100% cage free.

Cage eggs are made by hens who are crammed into cages to lay their eggs. They are forced to spend their whole lives in these cages to produce eggs like a machine. The hens can’t spread their wings or do basic things they want to do, like scratching, foraging and pecking the ground.  They spend their short lives in severe discomfort and frustration because they have less space than your computer screen.

In 2005, Trader Joe’s announced a cage free policy for all of their store brand eggs, but ten years later they still continue to sell cage eggs from other companies. Trader Joe’s points to “consumer choice” as the reason why they still offer cage eggs, but as consumers we need to show them that this cruelty is not acceptable! I’ve never met anyone who says “I choose animal cruelty.”

Whole Foods is probably one of the biggest competitors, and they made this change to go 100% cage-free many years ago! Target, Costco, and Starbucks have recently joined the cage free movement after public pressure from consumers. Combined, these chains have tens of millions of customers, and they listened to their customers when they demanded cage free eggs on petitions just like this one.

Are we to believe Trader Joe’s cannot go cage-free when everyone from Target to McDonald’s is willing to listen to the public?

I truly believe that Trader Joe’s cares about its customers, and I want to know that they care about animal welfare too. The thought of a popular natural foods style grocery chain profiting off cruel treatment of animals is unacceptable -- especially because they already started making this change a decade ago!

Please sign my petition to let Trader Joe’s know that you want them to eliminate the use of cages in its egg supply chain.

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