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Tell Trader Joe's: Stop selling meat raised with antibiotics!


Earlier this summer, medical researchers at the University of Montreal linked a difficult-to-treat bladder infection that affects millions of women a year, with a form of antibiotic resistant E. coli commonly found in chicken.

This is just one of a growing number of stories about the rise of antibiotic resistant superbugs making humans sick, which researchers are increasingly connecting with the rampant overuse of antibiotics in meat production.

This is an emergency situation. But Federal regulators appear incapable of overcoming pressure from the Big Meat and pharmaceutical lobbies.

It's time for major retailers like Trader Joe's to step up and help get antibiotics out of our food.

Tell Trader Joe's: Stop selling meat raised with antibiotics!

CREDO is joining with Consumers Union and other groups to call on Trader Joe's to sell only antibiotic-free meat because the company has shown a commitment to safe food in the past - including sourcing only non-GMO ingredients, and meat free of pink slime.

And because the company sells most of its products under its own label, Trader Joe's has direct control of its supply chain.

The company already sells some meat that does not contain antibiotics, but going all the way would create a powerful incentive for other retailers to follow suit, by meeting the strong consumer demand for meat raised without antibiotics.

Tell Trader Joe's: Stop selling meat raised with antibiotics! 

Antibiotics are a crucial tool to cure illness for all of us. Whether or not you eat meat, we're all endangered by the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that continue emerging as a result of antibiotic overuse on factory farms.

80% of all antibiotics are currently fed to livestock -- primarily as a growth stimulant and to compensate for filthy, cruel living conditions. That needs to stop.

More than 100,000 CREDO members submitted a public comment to the FDA earlier this month urging the agency to strengthen its voluntary and inadequate antibiotics standards.

While we wait for FDA's response, Trader Joe's can show its commitment to food safety, and start moving meat producers away from their dangerous overuse of antibiotics.

Tell Trader Joe's: Stop selling meat raised with antibiotics!

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