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Tell Toys “R” Us to Play it Safe—Phase out PVC

Despite promises to reduce toxic chemicals in toys, new testing shows that Toys R Us continues to sell products made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), without adequate cautionary labeling for parents. Chemicals released during PVC's lifecycle are linked to chronic diseases on the rise in children including asthma, learning disabilities, obesity and cancer.

A new report, Toxic Toys “R” Us: PVC Toxic Chemicals in Toys and Packaging, shows that 72% of all toys tested contained PVC. Of the toys tested only one indicated the presence of PVC making it nearly impossible for parents and caregivers like you and me to make informed, healthy choices.

Toys R Us is the leading specialty retailer of toys and juvenile products worldwide. They have the responsibility and the power to act, and phase out PVC and its toxic additives out of the global toy supply chain.

Take action and demand that Toys “R” Us keep our children safe by signing the petition below. 


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